At MyO, our mission is to revolutionize the way people experience dining by providing a seamless and convenient platform that empowers users to order ahead, effortlessly track their orders, conveniently split bills, and enjoy enticing rewards. We are committed to enhancing the dining journey, fostering joyful moments, and eliminating wait times, all while bolstering the growth of resorts through increased revenue and elevated customer satisfaction.


Our vision at MyO is to reshape the traditional dining landscape. We envision a future where waiting in lines becomes a thing of the past, and dining out is characterized by efficiency, personalization, and delight. By continually innovating our app and services, we aim to create a global community of diners who embrace the freedom to enjoy their meals on their terms, while also enabling resorts to optimize their operations and flourish in a technology-driven dining ecosystem.

About MyO

At MyO, we’re passionate about making sure that you have the best possible experience at venues that serve food and beverages. That’s why our team has created an app that makes waiting to be served a thing of the past.

With MyO you have the freedom to order without any of the wait times that come with traditional service.

Enjoy outings with friends and split the bill easily on MyO. Order ahead to the halfway house on the golf course with just a few clicks so you can pick up and continue playing your round.

Relax by the pool and order snacks long before a server shows up.

We’re changing the ordering experience because “wait” is a four-letter word that is offensive to us.

Take charge of your time and control of your orders and download MyO today.