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For all Hospitality Venues

MyO gives the customer control of what, when and how often they order without waiting to be asked.

Increase Revenue and Spend Less

Utilize your most expensive line item – your employees – for maximum profits:
Increased Revenue by

Increased Revenue

through Advertising
Reduce staff costs by
Improve Customer

Offers a range of features to its users.

This innovative application offers a compelling solution for resorts aiming to optimize their operations. By integrating this tool, resorts can effectively eliminate the inconvenience of wait times, thereby significantly improving the overall customer experience. The seamless integration of this application empowers resorts to streamline their services, resulting in a noticeable boost in revenue generation and heightened levels of customer satisfaction. This strategic adoption not only enhances operational efficiency but also underscores the commitment of resorts to providing exceptional and gratifying experiences for their valued clientele. Embracing this application represents a pivotal step forward for resorts seeking to revolutionize their service offerings. By embracing its capabilities, resorts can effectively eliminate the frustrating aspect of wait times, ushering in a new era of seamless and efficient customer interactions.

At MyO, we make it easy for your customers to order frequently and conveniently, empowering them to take control of their dining experience.

Here’s how we can help you maximize profits by utilizing your most valuable asset – your employees:

We'll take the orders, freeing up your servers to focus on providing excellent service and clearing tables.

Our service lets customers order from anywhere on your premises without waiting, enhancing their overall experience.

Here are some ways we use push notifications to keep your customers informed and engaged:

We'll notify customers of their order status, keeping them in the loop and reducing anxiety.

With MyO, you can join the digital revolution and enjoy the benefits of increased customer satisfaction.

Industries we service

The MyO Advantage

MyO has a user-friendly interface that offers the following features:

Full menu on display

Fast! Orders placed under 30 seconds

Repeat order option

Food and Drink recommendations

Contact server

Payment is finalized after “submit”

Data Analytics

Our program provides simplified data to make informed decisions for promotional partnerships, inventory management, and featured events.

Some of the data available includes:

Sales by table

Average number of drinks per table

Preferred brands

Sales by table

Frequency of orders

Busiest hours of service

Ranking of tables by service/tips

Start and end times for each table's service

POS and Payment

  • MyO integrates seamlessly with POS systems
  • It utilizes the familiarity and ease-ofuse of an iPad to receive and complete the orders
  • It supports Stripe and Moneris payment systems for safe and secure transactions

Pricing Plan

At MyO, we value long-term partnerships that enhance your custom services and increase your revenue.



per month + 1% sales



per month + 1% sales



per month + 1% sales

On Demand Service

That Delivers